Why This Could Be A Good Time to Buy a Waterfront House?


3 key points to look out for when purchasing a waterfront home and why now is the right time to make that purchase:

  1. The Unique Lifestyle

  2. It’s a Rewarding Investment

  3. Ways to Protect Your Waterfront Home From the Environment

1. The Unique Lifestyle Owning a waterfront property creates a unique lifestyle that most people can only appreciate a couple of weeks a year on vacation. The ability to take advantage of water activities such as water skiing, kayaking, and fishing, as well as beach activities such as beach volleyball, soccer or simply laying out in the sun is like being on a permanent vacation. Who doesn’t love the thought of that? Being able to embrace waterfront living is not so...

🤔💰🏡 What Does ‘No-Fee’ Mean When You Rent an Apartment? O Que Significa "sem taxa," na hora de alugar?


🤔💰🏡 What Does ‘No-Fee’ Mean When You Rent an Apartment?

🏡 💵 Of the many real estate terms you’ll come across while browsing rentals online, “no-fee” is one of the most puzzling. It’s common in New York City, where apartment brokers and rental agents commonly manage listings. Most properties will be advertised in one of two categories: those that come with a broker’s fee and those that are “no-fee.” But what does “no-fee” mean, exactly?

What does ‘no-fee’ mean when you’re renting an apartment?

In most parts of the country, the fee is covered by the landlord, and you rarely see the term “no-fee” ...

How to Prepare Your Finances for Home Ownership

Follow These Steps if You Want to Invest in Real Estate


Tip: Tackle your high-interest-rate debt first

Preparing your finances for home ownership begins the day someone decides they actually want to buy a home. After all, saving for a down payment doesn’t just happen overnight! So, how do you best prepare your finances in advance to handle the most expensive purchase of your lifetime?

Below are five areas to tackle in order to ensure home buying success, and these steps can be completed months or years in advance of a first home purchase. To assist in preparing your finances for home ownership, use this worksheet in order to track progress and keep all of your to-dos straight.

Step #1 - P...


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