Why This Could Be A Good Time to Buy a Waterfront House?


3 key points to look out for when purchasing a waterfront home and why now is the right time to make that purchase:

  1. The Unique Lifestyle

  2. It’s a Rewarding Investment

  3. Ways to Protect Your Waterfront Home From the Environment

1. The Unique Lifestyle Owning a waterfront property creates a unique lifestyle that most people can only appreciate a couple of weeks a year on vacation. The ability to take advantage of water activities such as water skiing, kayaking, and fishing, as well as beach activities such as beach volleyball, soccer or simply laying out in the sun is like being on a permanent vacation. Who doesn’t love the thought of that? Being able to embrace waterfront living is not something that everyone can do daily unless you’re a waterfront property owner!


2. It’s a Rewarding Investment Waterside properties are normally scarce to find, which allows them to retain their value over longer periods of time. Not to mention, these homes have excellent resale value! However, they can also be used as rentals for a second source of income.


3. Ways to Protect Your Waterfront Home From the Environment One of the best ways to combat a flood or natural disaster includes purchasing flood insurance! It never hurts to protect your waterfront property and sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Secondly, you can elevate your boiler, central air units, and other HVAC equipment that would normally be located at the lowest level of a home. Finally, add flood boards to doorways. These can be easily put in place when there is a risk of flooding or installed as automatic barriers. Even though it may only keep water out for a limited amount of time, it will give you more time to move valuable possessions to safety and help restrict the entry of debris. Although there are many risk factors involved in the purchase of a waterfront home, now is a great time to buy. Why, you ask? Recently, people have been moving out of larger cities due to remote jobs, so why would someone want to stay cramped up in a small apartment in the city when they could have a gorgeous view of the water? On top of that, waterfront homes provide a much calmer and more peaceful atmosphere compared to the busy city life. Additionally, there are health benefits! That’s right. Being away from city life and breathing in fresh air with nothing but nature around can significantly reduce stress. On top of that, you can get an unlimited supply of Vitamin D!

I feel that the pros of a waterfront home completely outweigh the cons of it! (Based on realty times and redfin) 📲


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